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Piston profiled lathe

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Structural characteristics of machine tools:
  This machine adopts an integral casting bed to ensure the stability and rigidity of the machine, and has good shock resistance. The bed has a 45 ° inclined design, which facilitates the smooth chip removal during the machining process. At the same time, it has the advantage that the horizontal bed tool holder can withstand the cutting force.
  This machine is equipped with high-precision linear guide rails and high-precision ball screws, which has better wear resistance and longer accuracy retention. P4 precision paired screw bearings ensure the machine's repeatable positioning accuracy is 0.002mm ± 0.002mm.
  This machine tool uses the NP series of high-precision dynamic and static pressure spindle units. Since the spindle adopts a sliding bearing structure supported by a mixed oil film, its radial rotary runout accuracy is ≤0.001mm, and the frequency conversion speed of the spindle is adjustable from 400 to 3500 rpm.
  The tool holder system of this machine tool uses a servo tool holder control system. Compared with hard molds, its features are: fast response, high accuracy, easy operation, and can be flexibly changed to process according to the different contour requirements of the piston.
  This machine is suitable for special-shaped cylindrical machining of aluminum alloy pistons. The processing piston can process a single-sided ellipse + shape line 1.4mm, processing roughness Ra1.6, processing piston size error ≤0.005mm, profile line, ovality contour error ≤ ± 0.003mm.
Main specifications:

Swing diameter on bed

Φ420 / Φ480mm

Swing diameter on carriage

Φ200 / Φ240mm

Lateral maximum stroke


Longitudinal stroke

500 / 700mm

Lateral fast moving speed

20m / min

Vertical fast moving speed

20m / min


Dynamic and static pressure spindle unit

Spindle speed

400-3500r / min

Spindle taper

Mohs 5 # / 6 #

Spindle through hole diameter

38 / 51mm

Tool holder (linear motor)

Imported brand

Tool post control


Machining piston outer diameter range

Φ40-Φ120mm (can be cut at the same time) ~ Φ90-Φ200mm  

Processing piston length range

260 / 360mm

Z axis / X axis servo motor  

10NM / 7.5NM ~ 10NM / 10NM

Linear servo tool post tracks spindle speed


Linear motor stroke 


Maximum ellipse volume of machining piston


Maximum shape line of processing piston


Profile and ellipse profile    

± 0.003mm (once oval)

Hydraulic tailstock stroke

460 / 500mm

Tailstock sleeve diameter

Φ52 / Φ70mm

Tailstock sleeve stroke

60 / 80mm

Tailstock sleeve cone hole

Mohs 4 # / 5 #

Minimum moving unit X / Z

0.001mm / 0.001mm

X / Z direction guide, screw

Taiwan Precision

main motor power

7.5 / 11KW

Cutting fluid capacity


Machine dimensions

2400mmX1950mmX1760mm / 2970mmX1730mmX1655mm

Net weight / gross weight

2800kg / 3300kg ~ 4000kg / 5000kg

Special configuration

Can be selected according to the user's reasonable requirements


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